07-10-2011 - Sander tied to the bed


A bondage session with slave sander, he was tied up to the bed by me. He could not move and I could go my own way. Face Sitting was one of the things I did with pleasure.


07-10-2011 - Slave bertus


Through the internet slave bertus came to me. This was his First time and quite exciting. Especially for this occasion I kept quiet and gentle. Next time I will definitely be harder to him.


07-10-2011 - Slave sander


Session with slave Sander. One of my regular slaves wanted to be controlled by me. I can really enjoy myself with him.


06-10-2011 - Solo posing


Especially for my new website I have made some posing pics. This allowed the designer to choose between some pictures for this site. The series of photos are naughty.